Writing contest extended!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

The writing contest is extended until March 18 at 12 pm!

The rules are below, same as before.

If you are in high school and college, we want to hear what Passover means to YOU and why!

Here are the rules below:

1)    In 500-750 words, please tell us what Passover means to you. It can incorporate a personal experience, a historical event that inspires you when celebrating Passover, text from the Hagaddah that stands out to you, or an idea totally your own!

2)    A strong command of the English language will be a factor upon the decision.

3)    If you have been to our program before, incorporate that experience into the essay.

4)    The deadline for the essay is Friday March 18, 2011 at 12:00 p.m.

5)    Part of the contest is to update your FB status, invite at least 10 friends to the FB page and Tweet (if applicable to you) about the contest, helping to promote Matzafun’s program. Facebook link and Twitter link.

To submit your work, ask questions about the contest or Matzafun Tours, please e-mail lauren.sutter@gmail.com!

The special prize is to get your piece PUBLISHED in a well-respected Jewish paper.

We know this entices you and we look forward to reading your submissions!


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Re-opening of the contest!

We will be re-opening the contest starting on Monday.

More details to follow..

Have a great shabbat everyone!

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Pre-Passover Activities

I was searching through different federations all around the country yesterday, and was impressed with some locations having a fantastic repertoire of pre-Passover activities.

Just a reminder, if you want to create your own seder plate, create your own haggadah, learn the songs and learn how to make the food, don’t forget to check your local federation, synagogue and other locations for a schedule.

You might be pleasantly surprised and make a new friend today!

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Thank you for entering!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I just wanted to those that entered into our contest! We will be announcing the winner soon and look forward to seeing more amazing work from each contestant in the near future!

Keep looking out for our next contest and remember, Passover is only 63 days away! So if you have not booked a room with us yet, time is running out!

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Why Matzafun Tours?

Someone asked me yesterday why they should come to Matzafun instead of going to a faraway program in Arizona or Cancun.

As much as the weather out in those areas are highly enticing, there is nothing like experiencing the northeast change seasons.

This person told me about her childhood, which consisted of going to the Catkills in Upstate New York during Passover. I told her how I went to a program in Rhode Island, but the staff overcrowded the place, it was too loud and there was no cohesive community, which is the most important during the holidays. I said children were dispersed everywhere, parents roaming and running after them, with the food tasting like cardboard and the room accommodations dirty and small.

So I told her, Matzafun provides enough space at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa for parents to enjoy themselves, they have good music (as an a cappella buff, Six13 has become a household favorite for me), keep a cohesiveness during the large meals and seders where it feels like you have an extended family of 1,000 people, a spa, gorgeous ocean views and access, a northeast spring and best of all, food that you would eat during the year.

I explained that in these times, even those that can still go away for Passover, look to keep the family together in an affordable manner, and want it to be in a location where planes are not necessary.

She nodded, smiled and understood, and I also said that you could ask any of our 10 year veterans’ specific to this hotel, and they might just tell you, just because it is Matzafun 🙂

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How has Passover changed over time?

Here is a great article about Passover and how it has changed over time due to different customs around the world.

The date of the seder’s will always be the same, with the Haggadah and the story never changed. The main differences are the amount of days celebrated among the various types of Jews out there, as well as which area in the world you live.

Read on to get familiar with all things Passover, as we are approaching fast!


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For the Ashkenazic and Sephardic Traditions

How many of you out there celebrate both Sephardic and Ashkenazic traditions, or have switched from one to the other?

The beauty of a mixed marriage, or marrying into a culture different from your own, is the richness in culture that presides over all holidays and throughout your lives together. You’re are capable of blending the most favorite recipes, Holiday traditions, life-cycle traditions and more. And during Passover especially, we know a lot of Ashkenazic practicer’s would love the less restricted diet of the Sephardic world.

Here is an article that goes through the differences of each culture.



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